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86ha Estate with olive groves in Ferreira do Alentejo, Beja - Lower Alentejo

Plot in Ferreira do Alentejo

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  • 865.000m2

The 'Herdade do Olival Mayor' has a global area of ​​86.5 hectares, of which only 78.5 hectares are completely filled by Olive.

Ferreira do Alentejo
Ferreira do Alentejo e Canhestros
Ferreira do Alentejo, Beja
Alentejo (Central)
Plot Area
865.000 m²
The 'Herdade do Olival Mayor' has a total area of ​​86.5 hectares, of which only 78.5 hectares are completely filled by olives. Following we give the breakdown of the characteristics, which present high financial yield.

The longevity of this type of olive grove is expected to reach between three to four decades of useful life. In 2005, around 43 hectares were planted, in 2006, about 20 hectares and in 2007, around 19 hectares. Nothing has yet been scientifically proven as there are olive groves in Spain with this type and it is already over 30 years old and continues to register good production.

This olive grove is between 15 and 18 years old since it was planted.
The Type of Olive is Arbequina.
Average production ranges from 12 to 12.5 Tons / hectare.
Average Olive Oil Production is: 140 Tons.
The Sales Value ranges from 0.55 to 0.65 € / kg.
The olive oil for sale ranges from 2.80 to 2.95 € / kg.
The oil yield registers a variable net average of: 14 to 16%.
The Irrigation System is drop by drop and is powered by 2 Hydrants from the Alqueva Dam.
The average total cost of water consumed by EDIA is: €22,000.
Average annual costs per hectare, amounting to approximately €2,300.
The production in 2015 was: 1,000,000kg. 2016 was 1,000,000kg and in 2017 it was 1,060,000kg and the total for 2018 and 2019 totaled 1,100,000kg.
Average Annual Gross Revenue from the sale of olives was €500,000 plus VAT and Community Aid.
The expense calculated annually for Personnel, Water, Machinery, Diesel and Fertilizers was: €225,000.
Average Net Results of Exploration were: €325,000 with the Profit Margin for the Year: 65.0%.
Sales value, including machinery and equipment: €3,800,000.
Therefore: the machines, although part of the price, correspond to more than €200,000.
Sales Value / Hectare: €43,931.


The sale will proceed as follows: €1,165,000 / Company (+) €2,635,000 on the property, which makes a total of: €3,800,000.
All the information and supporting documentation about the Business, the Company and the Property can be provided.

Everything will be transacted free of onus, responsibilities and charges.
A list of all machinery and equipment will be provided.

The staff are optional.
Currently part of the holding: 1 Person in Charge w / €1,000 / month and 2 Employees at €786.00 / each per month.


Very good access.

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Reason for Sale: Owners' Health and Age
Highly recommended investment.