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Alcoutim & the Guadiana River – hidden gems

by Stewart Smith, Togofor-Homes, Tavira Office

Tuesday, 03 October 2017 - Algarve

Far from the coastline, facing the great Rio Guadiana, Alcoutim has the form of a natural amphitheatre overlooking the river, with its brilliant white houses and rolling green hills as a backdrop. This eastern end of the Algarve, bordering Spain, really hasn't seen much in the way of modern development yet and is a hidden gem, about half an hour's drive from the coast.

With few properties on the market, there was and still is less demand than for the coast. However, this is changing because of interest in the Guadiana River and future projects and economic opportunities from the government and EU funding. Plots and properties are starting to creep onto the market and alternative/rural tourism will be an attractive investment in the coming years.

Alcoutim prices are currently approximately 50% cheaper than their equivalent 10 mins inland from Tavira town and until now, construction happens at a slower pace due to the small labour force/population. Resales are also less frequent as some owners, whilst not resident; retain property in the area because of: family ties, vacations, rentals or retirement. However, there are some super opportunities now available, in and around this stunning area with Togofor-Homes Real Estate Agency.