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COVID-19 – Portugal declares a ‘State of Emergency’

On Wednesday 18th March the President announced to the nation that he would declare a State of Emergency with relevant measures on Thursday 19th March which will now come into effect from Midnight on Saturday.

Saturday, 21 March 2020 - Coronavirus

The State of Emergency has been imposed for 15 days and in general terms require people to act responsibly by reducing the risk to themselves and others during this crisis.

Measures recommended people remain at home and work from your residence whenever possible. Schools and kindergartens were already closed from Monday 16th. 

Supermarkets and pharmacies are open, but with strict guidelines. For shoppers: Keep your distance from others, keep calm, don’t panic buy (be mindful of others), wash your hands regularly and keep them away from your face until you are able to disinfect or wash them again. Elderly people are advised to not go out unless absolutely necessary. These instructions are imperative! 

Big commercial companies such as IKEA, Primark, Inditex Group (Zara, Bershka, etc.), Tendam (Springfield, Cortefiel, Women’s Secret, etc.), FNAC have already closed, keeping only sales online. It is certain that others will follow. The economy can’t die, and we must all try to carry on as much as possible by adjusting to the measures imposed by this time of uncertainty. Means of financial support, for companies and citizens, have already been announced.

People who are diagnosed with the virus and are recovering at home must stay there, in isolation, until fully recovered. The help and support of family and close neighbors is crucial, especially for the elderly. 

Apart from essential facilities, all other public services are closed or not open to the public. In some cases, appointments could be made in order to break this general rule. 

Many citizens and foreigners react very disciplined according to these restrictions in life now. The Portuguese government impressed by acting very fast and has taken useful measures to face this threat that has affected the whole world. 

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering
At the moment the number of infections is increasing in a lower rate, which shows that the efforts of everyone to stay as much protected as possible are proving to be working in the right direction. We all hope that this crisis will be over soon.

Portugal is on the right track! 

There are boards on the A22 and in other locations in Portuguese, English and other languages: STAY AT HOME!

Real Estate Agency Togofor-Homes has closed their 3 offices on 20.03.2020 and we are all working from home receiving your phone calls and your emails. We follow enquiries and can also sell properties online. Please check here our contacts.

Keep Safe!


Susanna Gross
Sales & Marketing Manager