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What distinguishes Togofor Homes from other Real Estate Agents?
Algarve Postal - Article by Togofor Homes Lda, published 05/18/2018

Friday, 18 May 2018 - Press

Real estate agents abound - just in the Algarve region alone, but not everyone knows the services offered by these professionals and the difference between each company.

An estate agent is not just a showcase with houses to sell, it is a whole set of knowledge, daily work, investment and qualified human resources, which have to be managed and organized to produce quick results, conducting business with rigour, transparency and respecting all legal procedures.

The best real estate agents accompany the client throughout the search and purchase process. They recommend the best business partners, such as lawyers, architects, builders, among other professionals in the regions they cover,  so the client is well informed and can decide and choose with confidence.

From Lagos to Tavira
Business Strategy

Togofor-Homes was created in 2005 with an office in Lagos – by couple Susanna and Peter Gross. An experienced sales and marketing team, they designed a sustainable development strategy to create a multi-skilled company that would continually invest in its growth, showing its partners and customers that they could provide prompt, reliable services and productivity.

The expansion plan continued with the creation of a second office in Vilamoura and a partnership in Quinta do Lago, expanding the portfolio to include properties of great quality and refinement existing in the area referred to as the Golden Triangle.

The most recent phase of the expansion was the opening of a third office in Tavira, in the East, thus covering the Algarve. Lagos, Vilamoura and Tavira were not chosen at random, but with the certainty of being strategic points, well located in the region.

The team also grew from 2 to 25 people, most of whom are real estate consultants, property listers and administrative staff with all the necessary qualifications to respond effectively to the numerous requests that arise every day, either from customers who want sell, or customers who want to buy. They work with great flexibility, not only in the offices, but on the ground, constantly looking for new business opportunities. The team is composed of several nationalities and several languages ​​are spoken: German, English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and of course, Portuguese.

The company invests daily in different forms of media advertising: radio, newspapers, magazines, informative articles and large billboards placed all over the Algarve, to create a well-known brand. The demand for new products is perpetual. Much of Togofor-Homes' investment is returned into the search for new properties for sale and another large share is invested into their presentation.

How are foreign customers reached?

The majority of the commission asked of the owners is invested in marketing solutions that go into the advertising of real estate on international portals, extreme care in the description of the property, rigour in the analysis of all the documentation, photography or quality videos that showcase the product, thus giving a true and accurate depiction.

Togofor-Homes' has greatly invested in technology, with a dedicated web server and a custom-designed web presence, both front-office and back-office systems allow full team access to the property portfolio and all-important elements to get concrete answers to customers. All the offices have a real-time database that means quick responses. On the website the photographic quality allied to carefully-worded descriptions are an important presence.

The company also recommends a value for your property, so that it enters the market with the best possible price.

Customers who choose Togofor-Homes to purchase, prefer not to use other agents, as the team makes a huge effort to find the perfect home for each of its customers, taking full advantage of its company network.

Togofor-Homes is not just another real estate company. Togofor-Homes is looking for properties. Do you want to meet a specialist and make a quick sale? Contact any of our offices and be amazed. See on!



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