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Is the role of a professional Real Estate Agency essential, useful and of benefit for vendors and buyers?

Is it worth engaging a Real Estate Agency to market/purchase a property or can I successfully take on this task myself? This could be on the minds of vendors and buyers during moments of doubt or hesitation. If you are interested in knowing the answers, please read on…

Tuesday, 09 March 2021 - Guide

What is the role of a Real Estate Agent and what should Real Estate Agencies offer their clients?

  • A licensed agency, with well-trained, skilled, professional staff
  • Performance orientation combined with in-depth market knowledge
  • Modern and user-friendly, multilingual website
  • Language skills for communicating with different nationalities.
  • Many customers prefer to be addressed in their native tongue
  • Understanding of Portuguese house documents
  • Trusted agency with a good reputation
  • International marketing, press work, portal presence, digital & social media skills
  • Multi-digit marketing budget
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Modern, well-equipped offices with presentation technology, for meeting buyers & vendors


Excellent knowledge of the Laws relating to Property Purchase and Sale

Most countries have different laws and rules when buying or selling a property. Here in Portugal the level of bureaucracy can still be high, not easy to understand, as well as time consuming. A professional real estate agent in Portugal should be able to read and understand house documents and highlight certain areas that may require legal advice. He should also be able to explain the house documents and the mediation contract, to the vendor and if necessary, translate them. A licensed real estate agent in Portugal (with AMI number) is not permitted to sell without a mediation contract. An experienced lawyer with a good knowledge of real estate law is just as important as he takes on the role of a notary, here in Portugal.

Buying Process of a Property in Portugal | TOGOFOR-HOMES (

At Togofor-Homes, we have several very experienced, multi-lingual lawyers we can recommend, if required. For us it is vitally important to build a good relationship with vendors and buyers to efficiently understand and serve their specific requirements. This also applies to the other partners who play a role in the buying or selling process – such as architects, tax accountants and other service providers.

Another task of a professional agent is to coordinate, support and inform this vital chain of responsible parties when selling or buying a property.

The agent should mediate a healthy balance between vendor and buyer - since both are his clients. It is also important to note that in Portugal the vendor pays the agency fees after successful completion.

Usually, the vendor does not have the means and tools, to market his property as intensively as an experienced agent. Sure, he could create a website, post his property on some portals, advertise locally, install a ‘For Sale’ sign and even post on Facebook, but he will not get the widespread access and international market coverage. An experienced, well-established estate agent with a proven track record in the market has the tools and budget to close the sale in a manageable amount of time.  

Does the vendor speak the Portuguese language and the language of his clients? A good agent knows the diverse marketing options and can post and promote properties on the right portals, social media and marketing platforms targeted to the right groups of buyers and nationalities.

This is all very time-consuming, costly and requires a lot of patience, prudence, skill, know-how and market experience. In addition, the real estate agent should be able to estimate a realistic market price for the property.

At real estate agency Togofor Homes, we strive to implement these values. Since the company was founded in 2005, we have developed into a large and successful real estate agent, with 3 modern offices covering the entire Algarve region. Our background is sales & marketing, and we train, guide, and nurture our staff continuously. Our clientele come from different countries and we work with professional partners in Portugal and abroad who are additionally supported by our journalistic work. We are also proud to achieve good results with a lot of German-speaking clients, many of whom also work exclusively with us. We thank you for that!


Dear Vendors, we would very much like to work with you and market, promote and sell your property. We need your Properties - please contact us today, so we can introduce you to our experienced team.  


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