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Portugal in the Financial Times top 10 ranking for startups

Portugal is the 6th best country for Europe’s Leading Start-Up Hubs 2024 according to a ranking from the Financial Times which looks at the main startup hubs in Europe.

Saturday, 16 March 2024 - Fiscal

In partnership with Statista, the German company that specialises in market data and statistics and Sifted, the UK was highlighted as the country with the most hubs (24) while Italy and Portugal were neck-and-neck with 6 hubs.

The Portuguese hubs highlighted are Startup Braga and Startup Lisboa – Lisbon Unicorn Factory, projects conceived by their respective municipal councils, and Casa do Impacto, an initiative from Portugal’s oldest charitable institution Lisbon Santa Casa da Misericórdia all made the ranking that has 125 European hubs and entities.

The FT also highlighted two Portuguese platforms Building Global InnovatorsInstituto Pedro Nunes and Beta-i.

“The project Europe’s Leading Start-up Hubs 2024 highlights the main startup hubs in Europe in 2024 that provide innovative knowledge on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe, highlighting cities, regions and platforms that most helped support the development of new companies with a social impact”, says Startup Lisboa and Casa do Impacto in a communiqué.



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