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São Brás de Alportel – a town with history

Susanna Gross, Sales & Marketing Manager, Togofor-Homes Real Estate

Monday, 25 September 2017 - Algarve

This little town has approx. 10.000 inhabitants and is located about 22km north of Faro, surrounded by a chain of hills called ‘BARROCAL’ the doorway to the ‘SERRA’ - mountains with lots of greenery, forests and countryside. It was once a popular retreat for the bishops of the Algarve in ancient times to escape from the hot summers.

São Brás gained importance during the 19th century when it prospered because of its cork industry. It was the biggest producer in the country and became no. 1 worldwide. Over the years, the cork industry has relocated and today many vineyards have switched to screw tops or even materials like glass. Times have changed for this quaint town.

Today it’s a mix of old and new - typical Portuguese homes and grander merchant properties from its wealthy past. It has an historic centre with a ‘praça’, church, museum, art expo, small shops, cafes and restaurants in between its houses and caters to all of your daily needs.

São Brás is surrounded by beautiful and interesting neighboring villages and towns like Loulé, Querença, Santa Catarina, Santa Bárbara de Nexe and Estói. These are nestled within beautiful countryside and nature - some with distant sea views, though none are far from the coast. Togofor-Homes can provide and offer superb properties in these areas. 



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