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Portugal elected the best and most economical country in the world to live

By Essential Business Posted 6 Janeiro, 2023 In News, Relocating, Tourism

Forbes magazine has voted Portugal as the country which offers the best value for money for relocaters out of 10 countries worldwide.

Saturday, 07 January 2023 - Algarve

The luxury lifestyle and business magazine points out that Portugal is particularly “good value for money” for US citizens who want to change their job and life, and that for many Americans Portugal is so cheap that: “you don’t even have to work”.

Forbes stresses that the list was compiled for those seeking a better life with an accessible cost of living, or for those who simply want to “get away from it all”; from the “frenetic pace of life, violence and divisive politics” in the US.

On Portugal, Jennifer Stevens, the Editor-in-Chef of Executive Living says that Portugal was voted “the Best Country to Live” partly because of the strength of the US dollar today, meaning that Europe is effectively “on sale for people buying goods in US dollars”.
Moreover, it says that the visa options in Portugal make it “relatively easy to stay for a long period of time”.
“The cost of living is low compared to the US – a couple can comfortably meet their expenses (including rent) with around US$2,800 per month (€1,895) all included”. (or even less in rural areas)
It does point out that cites like Porto or Lisbon are more expensive and recommends three smaller towns in the Algarve: Lagos, Vilamoura and Tavira.

“Lagos is a city with history on Portugal’s sunny Algarve coast. Vilamoura is a picturesque resort community with stunning beaches. With its old maritime Roman port, Tavira is full of buildings covered with blue snd white azulejo tiles” it says.
Portugal came in front of Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Spain, Greece, France, Italy and Thailand in the list of best places to live in terms of value-for-money.



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